Gazing on Glory

In God’s Word, we behold God’s glory—glory that transforms us. This year’s reading will take us to four overlooks where we will gaze on the glory of God and be transformed by that same glory. Come read along as we focus on some of the foundational truths of Christianity.

How it Works

5 daily readings per week (Monday—Friday)

1-2 chapters of Scripture, a few pages of a Christian book

Weekends are a good time for reading the Christian book, catching up if you miss a day, your own personal Bible study, or for some of the optional reading.

Reading Plan Book List


If you miss a few days, don’t panic, just jump back in whether at the start of a week or the start of the new plan.

Wonder is not a quick emotion—plan enough time in your day to stay and take it in.

Prayer is the proper response of wonder and is how we should conclude our time of reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the readings take?

The daily readings take about 10 minutes per day.

How much will the books cost?

The first two books can be downloaded for free. Hard copy versions for all the books range from $8-20 new and less than $10 used.

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What if I can't keep up?

We've deliberately left the weekends blank for catch-up time. But even if you fall too far behind in any particular section, the sections are relatively short. You'll have the chance to start completely new sections every couple of months, depending on the section.

How do I keep track of the daily readings?

You can use the printed pamphlet in the church lobby. You can download a digital version of the pamphlet below. We'll also send out daily emails, which you can sign up for below.

Will there be any motivation or encouragement?

Yes! At the end of each section, we're going to host a party (Covid permitting) for everyone to fellowship and share what they've learned through the daily readings.

Get Started!

To get started, pick up a reading plan. You can get a physical copy in the church lobby or download a digital version below.

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